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bikefest 2014 blue motorcycleBikeFest 2014

Well that was a quick. There seems to be no end to the demand for our photography services so... apologies for neglecting our blog page. The article below should really have gone online on Monday 2nd June.

Any one that knows Louise and I will know that beyond Photography, our other great passion is bikes... the big noisy scary ones. So this year, we decided to make the time on at least one day of the BikeFest 2014 weekend and head down to beautiful Killarney, Co. Kerry.


We'd love to have gone down on the bikes of course, but on this particular occasion we decided to bring the kids along and share a little more of the biker world with them. It's quite a journey down to Killarney from here in the Midlands, but it was nice to get there, even if the weather wasn't too nice.

There is something special about the bike world. There's a great sense of camaraderie and shared adventure between bikers. Don't get me wrong... there is of course a certain amount of "politics" between some bike clubs but no more than with any other kind of club. Louise and I have happily chatted with bikers from various clubs and from none and in fact, we are not members of any club, and its always the same. It's all about the bikes and the adventure of life and the music and a beer or two and the beautiful rumble of a hundred thousand cc of heavy metal thunder as a column of bikes rolls in.

I suppose it's just one of those things really... it's in you or it isn't. For us, we are enjoying the adventure of a lifetime at the moment. We are lucky enough to be a couple who share two passions, photography and bikes. We get to shoot together for Twisted Pixels Photography and compare notes on composition and lighting and so on and then, when the working week is done, we get to roll out on our bikes and share the road and the coffee stops and the rallies and all of the colour and atmosphere of the world of motorcycling.

Life is short... do something adventurous!
I'll just leave you with a small selection of shots from BikeFest 2014.


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