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Special Olympics  - The Fun begins

What a great night!

The dancers were really starting to find their feet on Thursday Night (3rd Apr 2014) for the night that was to decide how the dancers were to be partnered up.

They did work hard and burnt quite a bit of energy in the process as they were put through their paces by the dance instructors, but... they had quite a lot of fun in the process. Given the commitment required by all the dancers over the next few weeks in terms of learning the routines and putting in the practice you really have to admire them. They are after all giving up their own time and volunteering for this demanding undertaking for a very worthy cause.

It was a lot of fun for us at Twisted Pixels Photography too. Louise and I love getting out on location for photo shoots anyway, but the atmosphere here was fantastic. You could tell that everyone was taking the dancing itself seriously, you could see it in their faces, but they were definitely having a lot of fun at the same time and that is the kind of atmosphere that we definitely enjoy working with.

It was great too that we got to see all the dancers at this early stage, to document their progress through the competition. When the Tullamore Special Olympics Committee Chairperson, Ann Stirling and Event Organiser Colm McCabe asked Twisted Pixels Photography to record the competition in photos we were honoured to get this opportunity. Click any of the photos below to enlarge.

So... best of luck to all the winners and if you want tickets, contact Special Olympics, Tullamore (click here for more information); tickets are only €20 and go to fund a really great cause.

More coverage soon :)



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