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Farm Safety Expert or Event Photographer

I didn’t think I’d ever know so much about Farm Safety,
but after shooting the event photography for Macra na Feirme at the Tullamore show on Sunday 14th August...
I could talk for Ireland on the subject!

I grew up pretty much as a “townie”. I wasn't totally devoid of knowledge of country life... I do know one end of a cow from the udder :)  but I wasn't exactly an expert on farm life.


tullamore show commercial and event photography 1

So, when I got the call from Macra to do event photography for them at the 2016 Tullamore Show I thought, “that’s fine… another new experience!”
I genuinely love the variety of people, places and situations that comes with being a commercial and events photographer.

That said, I didn’t realise I was going to get a crash course in farming and farm safety when I went to work on Sunday. But, after spending the day photographing the farm safety events and hearing the talks repeated over the course of the day, well… I must surely be an expert myself at this stage!

tullamore show commercial and event photography 2

It’s an impressive event, the Tullamore Show. I can’t help but feel impressed with what the organisers pull off. From early morning, thousands arrive from all parts of the country and somehow the event organisers effectively manage that massive amount of traffic converging on a few acres out in the Offaly countryside.

I did enjoy the day and as I said above, I love the variety of experiences that comes with being a commercial and events photographer. I definitely have a deeper appreciation for the risks involved in farming, so, I think I’ll stick to photography for now and leave the agricultural stuff to the experts.

Louise - 17 Aug 2016

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