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Darkness into Light 2015

The Pieta House is an organisation with one goal in mind. To be a light for those lost in darkness. For nine years now, thousands of people from all walks of life all over Ireland, gather together in the middle of the night to walk from the darkness through to the light of dawn in the hope of showing those lost in darkness that they are not alone. 

We all have had dark days, thankfully most of us get through them to see the light. Sadly, all too many don't. Most of us have lost a friend or family member to this sad fate, so when we got the call to do the photography for the Darkness into Light walk in Tullamore, we were more than delighted to help.


I packed up my camera at 3am and left the house to travel towards the Rugby Club for the event. On the way, driving past the town park, I was surprised and inspired when I saw the beautiful sight of hundreds of candles lighting the pathway through the darkness of the park. I parked the car and as I walked along the candle lit road towards the rugby club, I found so many people, all busy organising food and drinks for the hundreds of people who were to join in on the walk.

Darkness into Light 2015By 4:15 am, the car park and surrounding roads were filled with over 1500 people who came out on this cold, damp May morning to walk side by side from darkness to dawn in order to let people know that they are not alone.

When the walk began, some people ran, some jogged and some walked the 5 kilometers through the town and through the darkness. People of all ages, from young children to senior citizens, from different nationalities and creeds and people of all abilities came out in their hundreds to spread light to those in darkness.

This was a truly successful, inspiring and beautiful event and I couldn't have been more proud and humbled to witness it and be a part of it.

As this is a charity event, we have not watermarked our images. If you would like to download one of these images or have us e-mail a copy of an image, please let us know the number of your chosen image from the gallery below and we will be happy to send you a print quality copy. We ask in return that you make a donation of whatever you can afford to The Pieta House. Many thanks.


Have a look at how successful our walk was in the photo gallery below (click any photo to enlarge).

Louise - 9th May 2015

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