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Commercial Photography for In Granite ReconStar Commercial Photography

When we talk about commercial photography at Twisted Pixels Photography that is often understood to mean those things which are easily positioned in front of a camera and lighting set-up for some nice brochure style photos. But what if you produce a large ticket item that weighs a ton and is installed half way across the country?

No problem... Time to go "on location"! 


The company In Granite Recon are based in Clara, County Offaly and have been around since the 80s. They produce an incredibly prestigious looking range of reconstituted stone items such as arches, corner stones, window sills and some beautiful stunning pieces of street furniture including their aptly named "Star Bench".

This kind of product line does not always lend itself to glamorous photography, In Granite's products are often installed in what is essentially a building site, but these items are not exactly in the cheap and cheerful category and so still demand clean, professional images that communicate their prestigious nature and architectural beauty. Images that In Granite Recon can confidently use on it's new website and in it's printed brochures... enter Twisted Pixels Photography.

We packed up our equipment and took off to a pretty new housing development near Castleknock. This development was built using materials that included some beautiful reconstituted granite window sills and lintels from In Granite Recon and their spectacular Star Bench, an outdoor seating unit that goes way beyond the conventional simple looks of your average park bench.

Timing our visit to coincide with the late afternoon sun allowed us to produce a set of images that would do justice to the beautiful architectural lines of these products and ensure that our customer received something that they could proudly use in their advertising.

(See In Granite Recon's blog here

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