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Cannonball Run Tullamore 2014Tullamore Cannonball Run 2014

What a day! From the ridiculously hilarious soapbox derby in the early afternoon to the glitz and glamour of the supercars that rolled in on the Cannonball Run in the evening.

Sunday, 14th September 2014 was a day to remember in Tullamore and Twisted Pixels Photography were lucky enough to be tasked with recording these events. "Access All Areas!"??? Yeah... we were hardly going to turn down that one now, were we :)


It's great to see Tullamore hosting events like these and to see the people of Tullamore and the surrounding areas come into the town to support them.

The whole weekend of this year's Tullamore Cannonball Run Festival seemed to create a buzz around Tullamore, with different groups and individuals organising related events, one of which was the motorbike "ride-out" organised by KC Motorcycles. Anyone that knows us at Twisted Pixels will know that a love for Motorbikes is another of our passions, so we were delighted to be invited by Kevin Casey Snr. to take part in the ride-out. We washed and polished our bikes to pristine condition on Friday and then on Saturday Louise hopped onto her Suzuki SV and I onto my Honda CBR and off we rode into Tullamore to join with a few dozen other bikers. We did a few circuits of the town and made a little noise because, y'know... motorbikes :) and we pulled up in Market Square to put the bikes on show for kids of all ages to admire.

KC Motorcycles Rideout

Sunday afternoon, it was back to work for Louise and me as we had been commissioned by Michael McDermott from The Copper Pot Still in High Street, Tullamore to cover both the Copper Pot Still Soap Box Derby and the Cannonball Run later in the evening. I have to say... I love this work.

The Soapbox Derby organised and sponsored by the Copper Pot Still and Eddie Rocket's was unbelievably entertaining. It was so much fun to see so many whacky creations from businesses around Tullamore careering down high street, bounding over the ramps and bouncing off the bails of hay, and chased by the crews. Fair play to the "drivers"! I think control of these vehicles was more aspirational than reality. Adding to the the excitement was the running commentary from Mossy McLaughlin and DJ Tommy. According to Michael from the Copper Pot Still, they hope to make this an annual event and return, bigger and better, next year. Imagine if Red Bull got behind this with the Copper Pot!

But of course, the culmination of the weekend was the Cannonball Run itself. Yes, it ran very late as a result of some accidental detours further back in the route, but the people of Tullamore and beyond showed great patience and were entertained during the waiting period by the very exotically dressed Mardi Gras dancers and two of the lunatic stewards, Brenda and Ciara.

When it did finally arrive, the onset of night seemed only to add to the occasion, with the glitz and glam of the cars and stars and camera flashes... it almost had a red carpet movie premiere feel to it.

Dozens of gorgeous flash super cars. The purr of enormous horsepower, the beat of the music, the after-parties! What a buzz rippled through Tullamore that evening!

I mentioned cars and "stars" there... Jason from Coronation Street was in attendance, as was former Miss World, Rosanna Davison.

Mardi Gras dancers... Miss World... I did say I love this job didn't I?

As I said at the start of this piece, it's great to see Tullamore, as a town in the midlands, getting to stage something like this. It can be easy to feel a little left out at times with all the events that happen in the cities and coastal towns.

Anyway... if you didn't get to see it or would like to relive it just a little, we took loads of photos on the day. Well... that's what we were there for, after all, not just to enjoy ourselves ;)
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