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Commercial Photography Coffee CupFood! At The Copper Pot Still

Oh the hardship! The things we get asked to do in commercial photography at Twisted Pixels Photography...
I don't know how we do it sometimes. For example, we travel up to Dublin to photograph some stunning reconstituted stone street furniture made by InGranite Recon in Clara or run around a rock band for a couple of hours in a closed night club taking action shots for a band's website and promo material (blogs on these to follow soon). But, we were asked recently to do a shoot to show off the pub-food offerings of Tullamore's hottest new pub, The Copper Pot Still, and well...  someone had to try the food :)


Michael McDermott is one of those business people that just seems to get it right in business. He knows what appeals to people at any given time, knows what he wants and knows how to get it. The Copper Pot Still for example, is proving itself to be the spot to head for on a night out in Tullamore. With this in mind we were delighted that he chose Twisted Pixels Photography to shoot the food offerings for The Copper Pot Still.

Louise photographing food at the Copper Pot Still Twisted Pixels Photography food shoot at the Copper Pot Still

I have to say, they run a very professional business. We had advised them that in order to control time costs it would be best if they had each dish ready in turn to be photographed on the day of the shoot. And sure enough, as we finished setting up our mobile photo studio in the Copper Pot's lounge and got the studio lights warmed up they had the first meal ready. As we completed shooting each meal, the next couple of dishes were lined up, ready on the counter.

Commercial photography cheesecakePerfectionists that they are, no less than ourselves here at Twisted Pixels, they noticed towards the end of the shoot that one of the desserts lined up was not quite as perfect as it should be. Like anything with a dollop of fresh cream on it the cream had settled a little so rather than try to dickie it up to be photographed they said they'd swap it out for a completely fresh one. Now , I'm not saying I was staring longingly at this particular White Chocolate Cheesecake but... I was offered the one being swapped out and I have seen the "cheesecake promised land"!

Food aside, (and it was so good that we have eaten in the Copper Pot Still since) they are an extremely nice bunch of people to work with. But then... so are we :) The Copper Pot was obviously impressed with the professional service and image quality that we provide because we've been asked back twice since then for further photo-shoots.

Actually, when we returned to show the images after processing that first shoot, I believe their response from the very first shot on screen was "Oh Wow!... now that's what we were after!"

Gotta love that reaction... we should be getting used to it by now, but we grin like silly kids every time.

Twisted Pixels Photography... for commercial photography with an "Oh Wow!" factor.

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