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Farm Safety Expert or Event Photographer

I didn’t think I’d ever know so much about Farm Safety,
but after shooting the event photography for Macra na Feirme at the Tullamore show on Sunday 14th August...
I could talk for Ireland on the subject!

I grew up pretty much as a “townie”. I wasn't totally devoid of knowledge of country life... I do know one end of a cow from the udder :)  but I wasn't exactly an expert on farm life.

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Giving Back to Open Source

Well that felt nice.... We walk into Tesco in Tullamore, have a quick look at the photography and computer magazines (because, y'know, we're such tech-heads) and there, in one of the international computer mags is one of our own photos of Clonmacnoise.

What's all that about?... Read on :)

The photo was taken early one morning from the jetty in Clonmacnoise, looking back at the monastic settlement, rising from the river, emerging from bright morning sky and it happens to be the default desktop wallpaper for a new computer operating system.

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Darkness into Light 2015

The Pieta House is an organisation with one goal in mind. To be a light for those lost in darkness. For nine years now, thousands of people from all walks of life all over Ireland, gather together in the middle of the night to walk from the darkness through to the light of dawn in the hope of showing those lost in darkness that they are not alone. 

We all have had dark days, thankfully most of us get through them to see the light. Sadly, all too many don't. Most of us have lost a friend or family member to this sad fate, so when we got the call to do the photography for the Darkness into Light walk in Tullamore, we were more than delighted to help.

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Female Bikers - Tougher Than Irish Weather

The weather may have been terrible, but it didn't dampen the spirits of the 60 plus female bikers who travelled from all over Ireland, braving strong winds and heavy rain to participate in Ireland's first IFRD (International Female Ride Day).

Saturday, May 2nd 2015, the day finally arrived for the members of Ireland's Female motorcycle community to take part in International Female Ride Day for the first time. We were all excited to be taking part in this piece of Irish female biker history and we decorated ourselves and our bikes with flags and colours from our counties and countries.

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Miss Palace Tullamore 2014 FinalistsMiss Palace Tullamore 2014

So, then... This week Louise got to shoot all the pretty girls that made it to the final of the "Miss Palace Tullamore" contest.

And me?... I got to shoot...... Precast Concrete Products.

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EirGrid Young EngineersEirGrid Young Engineers

I think I want to be an engineer when I grow up!

I never realised, up until working at EirGrid's Young Engineers shows last week, that engineers have such exciting jobs.

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Commercial Photography for In Granite ReconStar Commercial Photography

When we talk about commercial photography at Twisted Pixels Photography that is often understood to mean those things which are easily positioned in front of a camera and lighting set-up for some nice brochure style photos. But what if you produce a large ticket item that weighs a ton and is installed half way across the country?

No problem... Time to go "on location"! 

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Cannonball Run Tullamore 2014Tullamore Cannonball Run 2014

What a day! From the ridiculously hilarious soapbox derby in the early afternoon to the glitz and glamour of the supercars that rolled in on the Cannonball Run in the evening.

Sunday, 14th September 2014 was a day to remember in Tullamore and Twisted Pixels Photography were lucky enough to be tasked with recording these events. "Access All Areas!"??? Yeah... we were hardly going to turn down that one now, were we :)

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Commercial Photography Coffee CupFood! At The Copper Pot Still

Oh the hardship! The things we get asked to do in commercial photography at Twisted Pixels Photography...
I don't know how we do it sometimes. For example, we travel up to Dublin to photograph some stunning reconstituted stone street furniture made by InGranite Recon in Clara or run around a rock band for a couple of hours in a closed night club taking action shots for a band's website and promo material (blogs on these to follow soon). But, we were asked recently to do a shoot to show off the pub-food offerings of Tullamore's hottest new pub, The Copper Pot Still, and well...  someone had to try the food :)

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Tullamore Special Olympics TeamSpecial Olympics - Limerick here we come!


After countless hours of planning and training, the day has arrived for the Special Olympics team to board the bus and begin their journey to Limerick compete in the Olympics.

One or two of the Jigs n Reels dancers and organisers turned up for the send-off too.
These dancers take support to a whole new level.

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